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Port of Seattle sets its sights on waterfront electrification and habitat restoration

November 28, 2018

The new five-year capital development plan unveiled by the Port of Seattle on Nov. 27 budgets $348 million to maximize the economic and environmental vitality of Seattle’s working waterfront. The 2019-2023 blueprint takes into account the changing face of industrial and commercial activities along this iconic shoreline.

A $30-million envelope has been earmarked for waterfront electrification that would significantly reduce greenhouse gases from marine equipment as well as cruise vessels in port – improving the air quality for workers and neighbouring residents.

The plan also calls for $17 million to be allocated to restore the habitat at and near Terminal 117. Some of the other projects include advancing with the Smith Cove habitat and sequestration project and installing solar power at the Pier 69 building. Environmental justice projects involving nearby communities are also being considered.