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Port of San Diego releases 2nd edition of its Blue Economy Incubator Highlights report

January 28, 2021

In 2016 the Port of San Diego established its Blue Economy Incubator as a launchpad for sustainable aquaculture and port-related blue technology ventures. A recently issued update relates that the Board of Port Commissioners has so far approved nine agreements with early-stage companies to launch innovative projects.

These include San Diego Bay’s first commercial shellfish aquaculture project, as well as another pilot project focusing on cultivating and harvesting seaweed for human consumption. Other innovative projects include the installation of a drive-in boat wash technology along the West Coast, and the testing of an absorbent media by another company to dissolve copper in seawater during the second phase of the boat-wash project.

More than 33,000 pounds (14,968 kilograms) of marine debris were removed from San Diego Bay during the first pilot year of a new skimming vessel’s operation with the success leading the company being contracted for another year by the port. Yet another enterprise is testing the in situ ability to remove toxic contaminants from impacted marine sediment.

To date, the port has committed $1.6 million in funding, as well as provided access to and use of its property, and helped with permitting, coordinated installations, marketing and communications. The port’s Blue Economy Incubator has received multiple awards for its unique approach through pilot project facilitation. Learn more about all the projects in the full report available at portofsandiego.org/blueeconomy

Image from Port of San Diego