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Port of Québec plants thousands of trees!

November 5, 2020

The Québec Port Authority has completed the second phase of its green habitat network project. To date, it has planted more than 4,000 trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants at Beauport Bay, the urban beach adjacent to the port facilities.

Launched in 2018, the port’s green habitat network aims to integrate strategically located vegetated islands on the port territory to create green screens between the port’s activities and the community, along with protecting the area’s existing biodiversity. The initiative is part of the port’s 2017-2022 sustainable development action plan, one of the objectives of which is to minimize potential nuisances related to port activities for Québec City residents.

The development of the project and the numerous plantations are being carried out in partnership with the Association forestière des deux rives (AF2R) and with the financial support of the Fonds d’Action Saint-Laurent (FASL).

Now that 2.12 hectares of land in the Port of Québec are covered with vegetation, the organization’s goal is to double this figure by 2022.

Photo from the AF2R website