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Port of Quebec and Fonds d'action Saint-Laurent partner on conservation

November 8, 2023

The Port of Quebec and Fonds d'action Saint-Laurent have joined forces to finance projects encouraging the conservation and enhancement of port area ecosystems. The agreement involves a $350,000 investment over five years, with half of the amount financed by the port.

Developed as part of the port’s Vision 2035, the partnership meets the port's objectives of developing strategies aimed at ecological integrity and the preservation of biodiversity, while prioritizing major local and international partnerships in terms of environmental management.

For Fonds d'action Saint-Laurent, the commitment represents an excellent opportunity to make a concrete contribution to shoreline development, biodiversity preservation and ecosystem protection.

The projects selected will be chosen each year by the two organizations, based on the benefits they can offer for the protection and promotion of the region's natural ecosystems, as well as their structuring impact.