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Port of Montreal seeks to make itself better known to the public

September 30, 2021

The Port of Montreal has launched its Anchored in the City communications campaign to highlight the importance of the port’s role in the daily lives of the city’s residents.

In addition to annually handling thousands of tonnes of products, materials and primary resources, the port also plays a liaison role between Quebec and Canadian importers and exporters, as well as fills a cultural role within the community.

Anchored in the City aims to raise awareness of the local positive impacts of port activities and, therefore, provides key import and export figures, portraits of the companies whose goods flow through the port’s terminals, the calendar of family activities held at the Grand Quai, and much more!

Numbers that relate to a Montrealer’s daily life include:

  • More than 550,000 tonnes of sugar imported, processed and distributed through the port to sweeten the morning coffee or bake a favourite pie.
  • Approximately 43,882 tonnes of annual medical products, including medicines, masks and vitamin supplements.

Other details can be found on the Port of Montreal website.