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Port of Longview joins the Green Marine program

February 26, 2024

The Port of Longview is the first operating port on the U.S.-maintained Columbia River shipping channel. Established in 1921, the port operates and maintains eight marine terminals and waterfront industrial property spanning more than 1,000 acres (400 hectares), including a community park and an advanced wetland mitigation site. Located just 66 river miles (166 kilometres) from the Pacific Ocean, it offers an intersection to all major transportation routes in the Pacific Northwest from river, rail, roads and runways.

Its mission is to promote commerce and economic development through strategic public investments for the benefit of its communities. It is committed to growing responsibly while maintaining flexibility in handling the cargoes transported along the Columbia River where the shipping channel offers a 46-foot (14-metre) draught.

Using proven methods, the port is working to reduce GHG emissions as well as collaborate with regional partners on activities to reduce climate impacts. The port accomplishes its mission and goals by embracing values such as safety, leadership, integrity, collaboration, and environmental stewardship.