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Port of Halifax unveils its 2024-2030 sustainability strategy

June 20, 2024

The Halifax Port Authority (HPA) has released its new sustainability strategy, outlining high-level commitments over the next six years. Framed by the World Ports Sustainability Program, the strategy focuses on six key themes:

  • Community building
  • Health, safety and security
  • Digitalization
  • Infrastructure
  • Climate and energy
  • Environmental care

“We will advance our sustainability commitments through rolling action plans and will share details on our progress through the release of sustainability reports every two years,” Sara Colburne, HPA’s Strategy and Transformation vice president, says.

To date, the HPA’s sustainability commitments have been expressed through various initiatives, including biennial sustainability reports, the development of a Sustainability Policy and Framework, engagement with partners, community, and staff to better understand sustainability priorities, and most notably, membership, alignment and environmental certification with Green Marine. The sustainability report for 2022-23 will be released shortly.

Some of the 2024-2030 environmental care goals include measures to enhance wildlife ecosystems in and around Halifax Harbour, and to reduce the impacts of invasive species. Others include reducing waste at source and diverting more of it away from landfills. The port is also benchmarking its water use with the aim of reducing consumption.

As part of its climate and energy goals, the port is seeking to significantly reduce all port-related emissions and to help Atlantic Canada to transition to a low-carbon economy driven by hydrogen development. Infrastructure goals include optimizing the use of existing facilities, as well as developing a climate action and resiliency plan to protect future assets.

Click here to download the full strategy.