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Port of Everett joins Green Marine

December 12, 2016

Green Marine is pleased to welcome a new participant on the West Coast. Port of Everett becomes the fourth Washington port to join the environmental certification program! The Port of Everett serves a critical function in support of the manufacturing and construction base. The Port of Everett is a deep-water port in Washington State, and is located 25 miles north of Seattle.

The Port of Everett is served by the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) railroad and plays a vital role in support of the local aerospace industry. The Port handles 100 percent of the oversized oceangoing parts for the 747, 767, K46 Tanker and 777(X) airplane programs. As a result, Everett’s custom district was ranked first in the state with more than $29.8 billion in exports in 2015, according to the U.S. Customs and Foreign Trade Division.

The Port of Everett’s major trading partners are Japan, South Korea, Russia, China and the South Pacific. Its primary imports are aerospace parts, steel, machinery, wind energy parts and bulk cement. Its major exports, includes machinery, steel, oil and gold mining equipment, aerospace containers, forest products, and other general and containerized cargoes.

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