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Port of Corpus Christi enhances transparency with new public information request portal

February 22, 2024

The Port of Corpus Christi has introduced a new public information portal to strengthen its transparency and foster its community relations.

Powered by CivicPlus, the NextRequest for Public Information Requests portal offers a streamlined process for the public to request and receive information.

"Launching this new tool allows us to better serve our communities' need for quick and accurate access to requested information," Dynessa Nordrum, the port’s records manager, says. “Being proactive with such an important aspect of our core values – Accountability – demonstrates the Port of Corpus Christi’s continued commitment to transparency for our region.”

The NextRequest portal facilitates swift electronic distribution of records to requestors, ensuring timely access to information without relying on physical storage mediums. Requestors can also easily search prior requests to access previously published information.