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Port NOLA receives an award for its environmental engagement

May 30, 2019

The State of Louisiana has recognized the Port of New Orleans for its environmental management system (EMS). Port NOLA is a recipient of one of the 2019 Environmental Leadership Program Awards, which recognize projects that contribute to environmental quality improvement and exemplify environmental leadership.

In 2015, Port NOLA became the eighth American port officially certified by Green Marine. More recently, the port developed its EMS using Green Marine’s environmental performance indicators as its framework when implementing strategic plans, company programs and other initiatives to reduce the environmental impacts of the port’s operations as well as the activities of its tenants.

Port NOLA is keen to see its EMS framework adopted by other maritime enterprises in Louisiana. The state has a significant maritime economy with hundreds of shipyards, vessel owners, terminals and port authorities that could join Green Marine and integrate its framework as their EMS. New Orleans Terminal, one of the port’s tenants, has already joined Green Marine and adopted the port’s EMS elements of environmental planning, management and audits to reduce its footprint.