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Port Metro Vancouver joins Green Marine

October 1, 2012

Québec City, October 1st, 2012 – Port Metro Vancouver, known for its environmental leadership, has signed-on as a participant in Green Marine, the largest voluntary environmental program for the maritime industry in North America.

Green Marine is a voluntary environmental program that addresses nine key environmental issues including air emissions, community impacts (noise, dust, light) and environmental leadership. The program encourages its participants – shipowners, ports, terminals and shipyards – to reduce their environmental footprint by taking concrete actions.

Sustainability is a core value of Port Metro Vancouver with a number of its programs designed to minimize the impact of port operations while improving the environment. Participating in a voluntary initiative such as Green Marine complements the sustainable development approach adopted by the port authority.

« Green Marine aims at continuously improving the environmental performance of its participants and the joining of a leader in sustainable development such as Port Metro Vancouver reinforces the principle that has guided the program from day one, which is of always raising the bar higher », says Green Marine Executive Director, David Bolduc.

Since its inception in 2007, Green Marine membership has more than doubled and the performance of its participants have steadily improved. While Green Marine is a voluntary initiative, participants agree to undergo a rigorous external verification every two years to validate and reinforce the credibility of environmental program results. Results reported for each participating company are also made public every year.

As the first North American port with a dedicated team of specialists to address issues related to environment, Port Metro Vancouver shares Green Marine’s vision to lead the marine industry towards environmental excellence. Port Metro Vancouver has implemented several innovative voluntary initiatives to encourage sustainable activities among its users. For example, the EcoAction Program promotes emission reduction goals for ocean-going vessels that enter the Port, and rewards those companies that excel in environmental stewardship with financial incentives. This program recognizes the environmental assessments and efforts being done by Green Marine participants to minimize emissions.

Port Metro Vancouver is also working with the Ports of Seattle and Tacoma to address port-related contributions to air quality and climate change in the Georgia Basin Puget Sound air shed through the Northwest Port’s Clean Air Strategy.