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Port Emission Inventory Tool (PEIT) workshop video

July 28, 2017

Green Marine organized a workshop at its annual GreenTech conference this past spring to provide guidance on how to use the Port Emission Inventory Tool (PEIT). Transport Canada licensed the use of PEIT to Green Marine last year so that all its member ports in both Canada and the United States would be able to use the PEIT for free. The PEIT facilitates input data collection and calculates emissions within the user-defined port and terminal boundaries.

So far 10 Green Marine port members in Canada and the U.S. have taken advantage of PEIT tool and are currently using it.

The PEIT workshop involving representatives from Green Marine, SNC-Lavalin, Transport Canada, the Port of New Orleans, and the Port of Prince was filmed and can now be viewed on line. Green Marine participants wanting to learn more about this new tool can also reach out to the Green Marine secretariat.

Watch the video