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Pilot project will test battery-powered trucks in Seaspan Ferries’ terminal operations

August 30, 2021

Seaspan Ferries has ordered two of the first Terberg battery-powered trucks in North America for use at terminals to reduce air emissions.

The acquisition is part of a pilot project to determine whether the battery-powered trucks have the capacity to handle terminal operations. Seaspan is ultimately seeking to replace its remaining 22 diesel-powered trucks with cleaner-running battery-powered vehicles.

Seaspan Ferries has undertaken the initiative with the support of the British Columbia government’s Clean BC and BC Low Carbon Fuel Standard Part 3 Agreement that aims to encourage businesses in the province to switch to clean energy. The 1,556 credits that Seaspan will obtain are valued at $440,348 in support of the purchases being made to reduce greenhouse gases.

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority has also committed $250,000 in support through the Clean Technology Initiative, which is a joint fund with the B.C. government.

The European-manufactured vehicles trucks are expected to arrive before the end of the year.