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One more Green Marine partner: SSi

November 23, 2020

Celebrating 16 years in business, SSi is a leading provider of safety and security training, as well as regulatory compliance services. Initially established for the aviation industry, SSi has broadened its expertise to provide affordable, comprehensive and appropriate programs for the maritime, rail and other transportation sectors.

In addition to being expert consultants in terms of compliance requirements, the SSi team can assist in preparing training programs and manuals that meet regulatory specifications and fully engage participants. SSi instructors regularly lead classroom workshops that are widely offered and attended by professionals from around the world.

By maintaining a close relationship with industry associations and government agencies that include the TSA, FAA, ICAO, EPA and OSHA, the SSi team ensures that all of its products and services always remain current with regulatory specifications.

Numerous clients take advantage of SSi’s secure cloud-hosted Interactive Learning System (iLSTM) to deliver more than a million online training sessions annually. SSi continually integrates improvements and upgrades based on the regular client feedback that it actively obtains. The company also continually adapts and advances its online technology to user requirements and to ensure that the system readily integrates to the fullest extent possible into workflow efficiencies.

As a result, the iLS™ system delivers cost-effective courses with curriculums that are designed for quick updates because SSi knows how quickly things change. SSi also continues to expand its already extensive catalogue of interactive courseware.