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Non-profit organization RE Sources becomes a supporter of Green Marine

May 16, 2023

Founded in 1982, RE Sources is a not-for-profit organization working to protect the environment and communities of the central Salish Sea region, along with the overall climate. The organization spearheads community action to build a lasting legacy of clean water, protected shorelines, along with the recovery of orcas and salmon, for the benefit of all.

Based in Bellingham, Washington, the RE Sources team of trusted and time-tested environmental advocates, educators and scientists give people various practical ways to make a real difference for the planet’s health. These actions range from passing stronger laws that protect the environment and empower youth, to holding corporate polluters accountable. They also involve reducing waste and carbon footprint. The changes are sought through smart policy, grassroots mobilization, hands-on science and environmental education.

The organization’s deep roots and broad connections within Northwest Washington empower RE Sources to inspire and mobilize thousands of people to protect the region’s bounty and beauty.