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New website details oil spill responsibilities within Canadian waters

January 23, 2018

Clear Seas has posted a new website that answers questions about who pays for the costs associated with an oil spill within Canadian waters and the amount of money available to respond to a spill. In accordance with its mandate to provide impartial, fact-based information on marine shipping in Canada, Clear Seas has created a website that highlights:

  • The law in Canada that regulates liability and compensation for oil spills, and gives force to international conventions on oil pollution damage
  • How the amount and source of compensation available compares for spills of oil tanker cargo as opposed to bunker oil
  • The national and international funds available for oil tanker cargo spills
  • How Canada’s Ship-source Oil Pollution Fund works and what kinds of oil pollution claims it will pay

The purpose of this site is to outline who pays for the costs related to an oil spill in Canadian waters and to encourage informed conversations about marine shipping in Canada.