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New tool to facilitate environmental compliance

September 21, 2018

The maritime industry now can look to technology to help them with environmental compliance thanks to Ocean Guardian. The Ocean Guardian digital tool provides data on demand, changing the way shipboard owners and operators stay current with the myriad of international, national, regional, port and company environmental regulations.

Ocean Guardian was introduced to market in 2017 and beta-tested aboard several vessels, providing real-world insight and feedback. Recognizing that ports have their own rules and regulations, Ocean Guardian added basic port contact information, such as: the availability of reception facilities, whether off-load service is compulsory, MARPOL certificate requirements, waste stream handling details, and a repository for port documents.

Created by Total Marine Solutions in collaboration with Brenock, Ocean Guardian uses a vessel’s GPS position, matching it to a comprehensive, proprietary global database to provide shipboard operators with immediate access to environmental regulations around the world.

Ocean Guardian eliminates the need for binders, spreadsheets and emails. Instead, regulations are uploaded to a database by maritime professionals and vetted by a third-party maritime law firm, providing mariners with click-of-a-button access, not only to the regulations, but additional details and guidance as well. Should an unexpected event arise and a ship needs to adjust its route, Ocean Guardian facilitates that vessel quickly and easily adjusting its environmental operation plan.

To maintain the highest level of accuracy and to foster the collaborative aspect of Ocean Guardian, TMS is asking ports to assist in confirming their data by completing this survey to update and enhance its port information. It only takes a few minutes to complete this 10-question survey.