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New partner: CRC Distribution

September 16, 2020

CRC Distribution provides raw materials, semi-machined parts, as well as fully engineered sealing and bearing solutions for the marine industry. It is North America’s only authorized distributor of Orkot® – a thermoset composite bearing approved for use in critical applications and holding all major class approvals. Orkot® composites are self-lubricating and can operate with seawater lubrication or run completely dry. Manufactured for more than 65 years, Orkot® is an environmentally friendly safe bearing material that offers an alternative to greased or oil lubricated conventional bearing systems. Fresh and seawater applications include rudder bearings, stern tube bearings and strut bearings. Above-water applications include cranes, winches and hatch door seals. As a fluid power specialist with large inventories of steel, chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, hydraulic seals and components, CDC Distribution welcomes marine hydraulic projects.