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New green partnership launched for the St. Lawrence River

November 8, 2019

CSL Group Inc. (a Green Marine founding participant) is among those involved in the initiative launched by Maritime Innovation (a Green Marine partner) to seek innovation to further reduce the environmental footprint of marine activity on the St. Lawrence River.

The project called REVOS (Réduction de l’empreinte environnementale des navires opérant sur le St-Laurent) was unveiled in Lévis, Quebec, on November 7. Thanks to $2 million in Government of Canada funding and the commitment of 10 companies, including the Davie Shipyard and its suppliers’ Association, REVOS will run for at least five years.

REVOS has been set up to contribute to the search for innovative but also practical and affordable solutions to improve the environmental performance of vessels operating on the St. Lawrence River. This project will focus on vessels active on the St. Lawrence (such as merchant vessels, workboats, cruise ships, and ferries) with the dual goals of improving their efficiency and reducing their air emissions. Maritime Innovation will lead the project.