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A new employee joins the Green Marine team!

September 21, 2021

Green Marine happily welcomes a new addition to its team, now counting 7 members based in Quebec city, QC, Halifax, NS, and Seattle, WA!

Brittney Blokker joined the Green Marine team as Program Manager in September 2021. She is one of two team members now based in Seattle, Washington. Her role primarily focuses on the development and review of the Green Marine program requirements, especially as it relates to ship owners, as well as to provide support and assistance to Green Marine’s participants throughout the United States. She will also lead the Great Lakes Advisory Committee.

Prior to joining Green Marine, Brittney worked at Holland America Group as a maritime investigations program manager, leading incident analyses and continuous improvement efforts. She began her career in the field of sustainability at Western Michigan University, supporting campus initiatives and increasing student engagement in sustainability programming.

Brittney holds a Bachelor’s in Engineering with a minor in Architecture and Urbanism from Smith College. She is eager to merge her interests in the maritime industry and sustainability through her work at Green Marine.