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New emissions tracking tool available from RightShip

November 30, 2020

Recognizing the maritime industry’s focus on emissions reduction, RightShip and the Pilbara Ports Authority in Western Australia developed a pilot program to help ports around the world to review the emissions stemming from their activities, better comprehend the results of their sustainability efforts, and establish or further enhance their action plan for emissions reduction.

In partnership with the Australian Marine Environment Protection Association (AUSMEPA), RightShip obtained a $250,000 Google Impact grant in 2016 that allowed them to create a Maritime Emissions Portal (MEP) to help ports to establish a complete emissions inventory data assessment. That tool was tested at Pilbara Ports.

Through a combination of AIS motion data and RightShip’s vessel data, the MEP estimates the ship emissions at specific ports and provides indications of hotspots as well as opportunities to reduce environmental impacts. After a positive review of the MEP’s testing by the Pilbara Ports Authority, the product has been made available for commercial use.