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New electric cranes improve MGT’s efficiency and Port of Montreal air quality

August 29, 2021

Montreal Gateway Terminals (MGT) has purchased four new electric gantry cranes for its Port of Montreal facilities. Two of these new generation cranes were delivered to the Cast Terminal in late summer to serve the largest post-Panamax container ships. Built in Ireland by Liebherr Container Cranes, these high-performance cranes will improve MGT’s operational capacity while further reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The other two electric cranes will be delivered in Spring 2022. The four new cranes will join the 10 electric rubber-tired gantry cranes (ERTG) already in place at the port since 2019, successfully reducing GHG emissions by 90%.

In order to minimize the large equipment’s visual impact on the landscape for surrounding communities, it will be painted grey.