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New bunker vessel being constructed for SeaspanLNG

May 20, 2021

SeaspanLNG, a part of Seaspan Marine Transportation, has signed a letter of intent with the CIMC Sinopacific Offshore & Engineering for the construction of a 7,600 cubic metre (268,391 cubic foot) liquified natural gas (LNG) bunker vessel – the first of this type for the Canadian West Coast.

VARD Marine Inc. worked closely with SeaspanLNG on the design of the vessel that CIMC SOE will build at its shipyard near Shanghai, China. The design incorporates emerging technologies that will further reduce a bunker vessel’s greenhouse gases and other emissions, as well as underwater radiated noise.

Significant focus was placed on the vessel’s capabilities to provide efficient, safe and economical refueling of multiple ship types with LNG transfers to and from a wide range of terminals as well as ship-to-ship transfers.

The new vessel will develop the West Coast’s LNG bunkering opportunities to provide a refueling service for LNG-fueled ships in coastal and shortsea shipping.

Image from Seaspan website