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NETSCo becomes a partner

January 24, 2020

Northeast Technical Services Co., Inc. (NETSCo) is one of the most respected maritime engineering firms in the United States. NETSCo’s specialists offer an array of innovative designs, including advanced technology and construction, to complete new ships, tugs and barges of all types.

Established in 1984 to provide engineering, design and consulting services, NETSCo has differentiated itself by keeping true to its original goal to foster lasting relationships with every client. The company shares the unique talents and experience of its personnel in developing methods and systems that ship owners or operators can incorporate to make their vessels, crew, and loading/unloading terminals work more efficiently and cost effectively.

From concept through actual construction and warranty support, NETSCo strives to be a leader in offering end-to-end solutions to complex maritime problems in delivering value without compromising on performance, safety or the environment.