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MTO joins Green Marine’s ranks

February 11, 2021

Ferries are an integral part of Ontario’s transportation network. Ferries move people and goods safely, efficiently and sustainably across Ontario to improve quality of life and support a globally competitive economy. The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) owns, operates and/or funds 11 passenger ferry operations across the province.

Ferries provide services for communities with a single entry point, including many island communities that rely on MTO ferries for access to critical services such as health care, education, work and supplies. Emergency services rely on some provincial ferries to be constantly and reliably operational to ensure services are available between the island and mainland.

In 2021, MTO is expecting delivery of two new ferries capable of running 100% electric through use of on board battery power and support from shore charging infrastructure. The larger 100 metre, 75 vehicle vessel will go into service at Wolfe Island, and the 70 metre, 42 vehicle vessel at Amherst Island – both at the eastern end of Lake Ontario.