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MSRC releases instructional video on new S-102 standards

June 25, 2020

The Maritime Simulation and Resource Centre (MSRC), a world-class pilot simulation training and port feasibility studies facility, has released an informational video on the new S-102 standards for surface bathymetry products.

In the video, Capt. Pascal Rhéaume, a member of the technical committee for the Corporation of Lower St. Lawrence Pilots, introduces the progress made in developing the S-102 standards. He presents a brief history of navigational charts and explains how technology has allowed these charts to evolve concurrently with the maritime industry as a whole. He furthermore highlights the benefits of the new standards and how they can greatly improve navigational safety for all seafarers.

The video released on June 23rd followed the Canadian Hydrographic Service’s announcement that it wishes to promote the implementation of the new S-100 standards to provide mariners with access to additional information (specifically, bathymetry, surface currents and water levels) and greater versatility in the display of this data.

Click here to watch the video.