September 17, 2015

PortsToronto will continue its commitment to environmental sustainability by signing a new three-year agreement that will have Bullfrog Power® provide green electricity for all of PortsToronto’s operations, including the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. The agreement retains the status of PortsToronto and Billy Bishop Airport as the only port authority and airport in Canada to be powered entirely by renewable energy across all operations and facilities, including the airport’s new 260-metre (853-foot) pedestrian tunnel.

In 2013 PortsToronto reduced emissions by an estimated 17% using clean energy derived exclusively from a mix of certified wind power and low-impact hydroelectricity.

PortsToronto is also in the process of removing up to 40,000 tonnes of debris and sediment from the mouth of the Don River with the goal of stopping the flow of unwanted materials into Toronto’s Harbour and preventing any future flooding.

The Leslie Street Spit features three Confined Disposal Facility called “cells” to properly and safely contain dredged material. Once each cell is filled to capacity, PortsToronto seals it with a layer of soil and clay and the Toronto Region and Conservation Authority (TRCA) uses the area to build new wetland habitat for fish, birds and other wildlife.

Cell 1 was successfully converted into wetland in 2013. PortsToronto and TRCA began work on Cell 2 last December to provide a second nine-hectare (22-acre) habitat that will benefit fish, migratory birds and various other wildlife species. The project located in Tommy Thompson Park is expected to be completed by the winter of 2017/18.