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Montreal Port Authority’s $335-million plan will prioritize decarbonization

June 19, 2023

The Port of Montreal has released its new Strategic Plan 2023-2027 prioritizing decarbonization, climate change adaptation and land protection to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035.

Representing more than $335 million in various investments, the plan has been designed to meet trade growth as the port approaches full capacity in terms of container handling. It also prioritizes accelerating the decarbonization of port operations, as well as improving the port and city’s coexistence.

“We want to invest in the future of the supply chain within the East End of Montreal for its sustainability, efficiency and harmonious integration into the urban fabric,” Martin Imbleau, the Montreal Port Authority’s president and CEO, says. “The East End of Montreal offers great opportunities... It can and must support supply-chain decarbonization.

“Our biggest challenge will be decarbonizing our economy and the supply chain,” Imbleau adds. “Transportation is the largest emitter of GHGs in Quebec, and the stats aren’t getting any better! Our responsibility as a player in this industry is indispensable.”

The plan involves sustainably developing all of the port's infrastructure, which stretches over 26 kilometres (16 miles) on the Island of Montreal, and subsequently maintain all of it to support the industry’s rising demand. The port is aiming to increase its container handling capacity while maintaining its GHG reduction target to reduce the emissions for which it is fully responsible by 55% by 2030 on the way to 2035 carbon neutrality.

In support of the industry's energy transition, upcoming plans include larger-scale deployments of electrical power systems and the development of green fuels.

A $10-million investment will be made in projects to improve the city-port interface and minimize the impacts of logistical activities on the neighboring community.