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Creation of the Montreal Climate Partnership

December 10, 2020

The Port of Montreal and Énergir (Green Marine participant and partner) are among the major stakeholders taking part in the newly created Montreal Climate Partnership (MCP).

It was formed after Montreal unveiled its Climate Plan this past December to become carbon-neutral by reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) by 55% by 2030 (compared to the 1990 baseline year) and eliminate them by 2050. The City of Montreal is one of Green Marine’s 80 supporter members.

The primary focus will be on reductions by the largest generators of GHG on the Island of Montreal, namely the building and transportation sectors, industries, businesses and large institutions. An initial $1.6 million envelope will promote collaboration and mobilization among the various stakeholders, as well as social dialogue.

Daniel Dagenais, the vice-president of Operations at the Port of Montreal, and Stéphanie Trudeau, the executive vice-president  for Quebec at Énergir, are among the more than 20 representatives of economic, institutional, community philanthropic stakeholders on the committee.

Photo from MCP Website