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Mirapakon targets international market to advance clean technology sector

January 11, 2023

Specializing in the clean technology marketplace, Mirapakon has concluded a financing round of $1.6 million with the European company Tepajya to further pursue its activities in the environmentally sustainable solutions field through international expansion.

Based in Quebec City, Mirapakon offers high-performance ecological coatings to replace more polluting traditional plasters in the marine sector and other industries. A subsidiary of SiliCycle, Mirapakon produces non-toxic anti-fouling and fouling-release coatings without biocides.

Mirapakon’s cost-effective, ecological coatings based on silica derivatives are the result of 15 years of research and development. Unlike most such products on the market, these coatings do not contain any copper, silicone, pesticides or biocides, and will not interfere with the normal development of natural marine micro-organisms.