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Metro Ports enters Green Marine environmental certification program

March 3, 2020

Burns Harbor, Indiana, March 3, 2020 – Great Lakes Stevedoring DBA Metro Ports has become a Green Marine participant by enrolling its Ports of Indiana-Burns Harbor’s terminal into program. Green Marine is the leading environmental certification program for North America’s maritime transportation industry. The voluntary initiative strives to surpass regulatory requirements in measurable ways.

“We’re always committed to working in a manner that protects and promotes the health and well-being of our people and the environment,” said Robert Dickey, the president of Metro Ports. “Innovation, adaptation, efficiency and achievement have characterized Metro Ports during its lengthy history, with those principles continuing to guide us.”

“Making this commitment to benchmark our environmental performance using the Green Marine framework, and striving for continual improvement that surpasses regulatory compliance are the next logical steps for us,” Dickey added.

David Bolduc, Green Marine’s executive director, welcomed Metro Ports. “We’re so pleased to see Great Lakes Stevedoring DBA Metro Ports join the program, alongside the Ports of Indiana-Burns Harbor that have been certified since 2014,” Bolduc said. “Becoming a Green Marine participant reflects a serious commitment by Metro Ports to greener practices.”

More than 140 companies from coast to coast in Canada and the United States are now participating in Green Marine. The program outlines a step-by-step template for port authorities, terminal operators, ship owners and shipyard managers to voluntarily and measurably reduce their environmental footprint. Green Marine addresses key environmental issues using 12 performance indicators that include lowering air emissions, minimizing community impacts and demonstrating environmental leadership.

The Green Marine certification process is rigorous and transparent. Results are independently verified every two years. Each company’s results are published yearly and can be reviewed online at www.green-marine.org/certification/results/

About Great Lakes Stevedoring DBA Metro Ports

Great Lakes Stevedoring DBA Metro Ports is the exclusive bulk stevedore at the Ports of Indiana-Burns Harbor. As a member of the Metro Ports family of terminals, it is an experienced terminal operator and stevedoring company with numerous locations throughout the United States.

Green Marine Overview

The Green Marine environmental certification program offers a detailed framework for maritime companies to first establish and then reduce their environmental footprint. Established in 2007, the program has earned support from more than 70 environmental organizations, scientific research programs and government agencies. These supporters contribute to shaping and revising the program.

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