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Meet the latest Green Marine partner: Arctus inc

June 28, 2024

A leading player in Canada in the field of environmental monitoring, Arctus Inc. specializes in remote sensing applications for aquatic and coastal environments. For nearly 15 years, the company has designed and marketed environmental monitoring solutions based on Earth Observation (EO) satellite data and digital modeling.

Arctus collaborates with government agencies, the scientific community and the maritime private sector to sustainably manage coastal ecosystems and protect biodiversity. With its expertise in remote sensing data integration, Arctus offers innovative solutions to address environmental challenges, particularly by generating water quality indicators, such as for turbidity, in near real-time.

The company also excels in estimating the bathymetry of shallow coastal waters, which is essential for ensuring safe navigation and shoreline monitoring. Focused on technological innovation and scientific excellence, Arctus offers robust solutions to monitor, manage and protect aquatic and coastal environments in Canada and internationally.