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McKeil Marine wins green award

November 29, 2013

The Hamilton Port Authority (HPA) bestowed its 2013 Environmental Excellence Award to McKeil Marine Limited to recognize the company’s dedication to environmental stewardship. McKeil Marine is a committed, enthusiastic supporter of numerous environmental initiatives aimed at protecting water quality, reducing fuel consumption, and trimming the carbon footprint of its marine fleet. It was one of the first North American companies to install a state-of-the-art fuel-optimizing technology on three vessels within its expanding fleet. The installation produced a 30-per-cent fuel saving, along with significantly reducing pollution and CO2 emissions. McKeil Marine has selected the Bay Area Restoration Council, a not-for-profit community group that assesses and promotes clean-up projects for the Hamilton Harbour, to receive a $5,000 donation that was provided as part of the award through HPA’s environmental trust fund.