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Maritime Blue launches second wave of Washington’s Maritime Accelerator

December 18, 2020

Washington Maritime Blue and the Port of Seattle reviewed more than 100 applications to select the 11 start-ups to participate in an impact-focused maritime accelerator group that will launch this January 27 online as a public event.

The start-ups were chosen based on three core areas of focus: to help maritime companies innovate and grow, to establish the State of Washington as a global leader in maritime innovation, and to increase the sustainability and conservation of maritime businesses in Washington State and beyond.

Last year, the selected cohort focused on advancing decarbonization, environmental remediation, maritime workforce protections, sustainability, electrification, digitization, and conservation education. This year, the cohort will focus on carbon offset, clean energy mobility, shipping and port operations efficiency, and manufacturing.

With the January 27 interactive launch, the 11 start-ups will begin a four-month program that will be done online this year due to COVID-19 health concerns. The program will nonetheless provide the tools, connections, mentorships, and resources to help elevate these new businesses to the next level.

Learn more about the cohort.