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MARiTECH Commercial, Inc. joins Green Marine as a partner

May 16, 2023

MARiTECH Commercial, Inc. offers a variety of surveying and port captaincy services worldwide. All its offices employ qualified former master mariners, chief engineers, naval architects, and experienced surveyors. The U.S. and India locations are ISO certified.

The company, along with its subsidiaries and partners, offer maritime consultancy services to minimize the loss of time and maximize value for clients. By improving vessel safety, MARiTECH ensures the quality of delivered cargo by reducing the chances of damage or delays.

Founded by Captain Chander Gorowara in 1986 with a typewriter at a New Orleans kitchen table, MARiTECH has benefitted from his years of international sailing, but the lower-cased ‘i’ in the name serves as a constant reminder that no one succeeds entirely alone. He and his strong team have expanded the company into more than 80 countries and more than 670 ports.

The founder credits a diverse workforce that is locally rooted but globally minded for the company’s success in building enduring customer relationships throughout the world.