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Marine Atlantic welcomes new dual-fuel LNG Ro-Pax vessel

February 7, 2024

This week Marine Atlantic proudly announced the acceptance of the newest ferry in its fleet. The Ala’suinu, a dual-fuel LNG roll-on/roll-off passenger (Ro-Pax) vessel, is aptly named with the Mi’kmaq term for traveler.

Equipped with battery power capabilities, the Ala’suinu is scheduled to arrive at Marine Atlantic’s facilities in April, and will serve the Argentia route during the summer, fostering connectivity between Cape Breton and eastern Newfoundland. During fall, winter, and spring, the Ala’suinu will ply the waters between Channel-Port aux Basques and North Sydney to ensure seamless service while prioritizing environmental stewardship.

In addition to its multi-fuel engines and battery hybrid technology, the Ala’suinu incorporates innovative features designed to minimize underwater noise.

Marine Atlantic engaged in a five-year charter agreement with Stena North Sea Ltd. in 2021 to secure the inclusion of the E-Flexer class of Ro-Pax ferry within its fleet. Upon completion of this charter arrangement, Marine Atlantic retains the option to acquire the vessel outright.