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Majority of cruise ships calling on the Port of Vancouver in 2023 used shore power

March 8, 2024

Almost 75% of the cruise ships berthing at the Port of Vancouver last year plugged into shore power – a significant increase from the 50% in 2019.

The demand for shore power has risen steadily at the port since the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority pioneered this technology for cruise ships in Canada in 2009.

As the Port of Vancouver anticipates a record-breaking cruise season in 2024, with early estimates suggesting a 2% increase on last year's record passenger numbers, shore power is among the strategies to minimize environmental impacts.

Other initiatives to advance sustainable cruising include discounts through the EcoAction Program for cleaner ships, the restrictions that prohibit cruise ships from discharging scrubber wash water during their stay in the Port of Vancouver, and the innovative development of the zero-emission Pacific Northwest to Alaska Green Corridor.

With a steadfast dedication to environmental stewardship, the Port of Vancouver is poised to lead the way in sustainable cruising, showcasing the potential for industry growth while preserving natural resources.