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Major investments by Logistec at its Contrecoeur terminal

October 7, 2014

Logistec celebrated the completion of a vast modernization of its Contrecoeur terminal in October. The company inaugurated new equipment that includes an integral section of a conveyor system, a new hopper installed on rails, and an impressive new crane. The Liebherr LPS 420 Crane stands 70 metres (almost 230 feet) high with a 120 metric ton (mt) lifting capacity and 75 mt in dump mode. It boasts the largest safe working load (SWL) for a crane on rails in North America and comes equipped with various buckets for handling all types of bulk cargo. Logistec has reduced the number of conveyors and transfer points at its Contrecoeur terminal and has covered and installed additional dust collectors at the remaining ones. Along with making the loading and unloading processes more efficient, the improvements will reduce the loss of bulk product and minimize dust emissions. The company has also installed new rail tracks and a new electrical distribution network that meets a modern crane and hopper’s power requirements with better energy efficiency and, therefore, less greenhouse gas emissions.