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LOGISTEC wins the Environment Award at 2023 Heavy Lift Awards

October 26, 2023

At the Heavy Lift Awards 2023, LOGISTEC Stevedoring Inc., a subsidiary of the LOGISTEC Corporation, was honoured with the 2023 Environmental Award.

The Heavy Lift Awards recognize achievements in the heavy lift supply chain, as well as highlight the good work of companies in the logistics sector.

LOGISTEC, a Green Marine founding member, consistently aims to reduce its air emissions by investing in new environmentally friendlier equipment and technologies. These investments are in line with LOGISTEC's ESG objectives, which aim to reduce its carbon footprint and preserve the planet and communities for future generations.

“We believe in actively contributing to a sustainable supply chain and this award highlights our culture of environmental excellence,” stated Rodney Corrigan, LOGISTEC Stevedoring Inc.’s president. “I would like to recognize our people who are dedicated to integrating environmental initiatives that are tangible, measurable, and impactful with our operations throughout our network. Handling heavy and oversized cargo is a specialized skill and our team has succeeded in delivering in a safe and sustainable way.”

At the 2022 Heavy Lift Awards, the LOGISTEC Corporation won the award for Terminal Operator of the Year, in addition to receiving a special mention of excellence for its environmental performance.