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Kildair Service ULC joins Green Marine

November 1, 2017

Sorel-Tracy, Quebec, November 1, 2017 – Kildair Service ULC has just joined Green Marine – the largest voluntary environmental certification program in North America for the maritime industry.

The company operates a marine terminal with cutting-edge technology and now has 15 oil storage tanks in Sorel-Tracy. « It is important for us to meet the highest safety standards, to be concerned about the environment and to ensure its protection, » stated Daniel Morin, Kildair Service’s president and CEO.

« Becoming a member of Green Marine permits us to set our sights higher, with clear criteria that aim to surpass current regulations guiding our actions to always do better, » he added.

The Green Marine program offers ports, terminals, and shipping companies a detailed framework to voluntarily exceed regulatory compliance in order to further reduce their environmental footprint. The comprehensive program addresses several environmental issues through its 12 performance indicators that notably focus on air quality, greenhouse gases, leak and spill prevention, water runoff treatment and community impacts. The program also assesses environmental leadership.

« Green Marine seeks the continual improvement of its participants in terms of their environmental performance, so Kildair joining our program illustrates the company’s firm commitment to greener practices,” noted David Bolduc, Green Marine’s executive director.

“As a marine terminal that provides fuel for several ship owners that are already Green Marine participants, Kildair’s addition to Green Marine further consolidates the sustainability of the maritime industry within the St. Lawrence region,” Bolduc added. “We are delighted to welcome Kildair to the Green Marine fold.”

About Kildair Service ULC

Kildair specializes in the handling and distribution of petroleum products (heavy fuel oils, marine fuel oils, marine diesel, paving and industrial bitumen, and crude oil). The company operates a terminal with 15 oil storage tanks with a total capacity of 3.2 million barrels of which nearly 130,000 metric tonnes (0.8 million barrels) can facilitate bitumen products. Whether it is marine fuel oil, crude oil or bitumen, Kildair handles the storage, processing and mixing of petroleum products, and distributes them (by sea, rail and land) year round, without interruption. In addition, Kildair operates a laboratory with the most comprehensive facilities to meet the operational needs for creating specific blends.

Green Marine Overview

Green Marine is celebrating its 10th year! The North American environmental certification program is a voluntary initiative by the maritime industry to surpass regulatory requirements.  More than 110 terminal operators, port authorities, ship owners and shipyard operators across the Canada and the United States currently participate in the program. The Green Marine certification process is rigorous and transparent: the results are independently verified every two years, and each participant’s individual results are published annually. The unique character of the Green Marine program is based on the support it receives from scientific, environmental and government organizations. The 60 supporters contribute to shaping and revise the program.

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