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Inspiration is a big part of the menu at the Green Marine certification dinner

May 8, 2024

Green Marine delegates will be treated to a double dose of inspiration during Green Marine’s certification evening on June 6th.

The dinner will take place within the historic walls of the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21, which is filled with stories of new beginnings and hope. Delegates will also have the chance to hear a talk from an extraordinary Olympic influence.

Danièle Sauvageau has participated in 10 Olympic Games as a hockey coach, general manager and coaching mentor. She led the Canadian women’s team to an historic victory over the Americans at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, winning the first gold medal for the Canadian program. She knew how to transform a fear of losing into the absolute desire to triumph. By turning the tide, she and her team were able to realize their Olympic dream. She also contributed to the women’s hockey team winning seven consecutive World Championships, and a silver medal at the Nagano Olympic Games. Her expertise transcends seasons and disciplines.

A career police officer, she combines 33 years of service within the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Montreal Police Service. She also holds a management certificate from HEC Montréal.

Her expertise in Human Resources management, coaching, leadership, situation assessment, communication and the training of victorious teams makes her ideal to address several topics to performance in her talks. As a manager and executive coaching consultant, Danièle Sauvageau and led and helped several hundred clients in the public and private sectors to build new visions and manage change to create a competitive advantage.

She is notably decorated as an Officer of the Order of Canada and with Canada’s Meritorious Service Cross. Her passion and instincts have let to her piercing several glass ceilings, with “The first woman to…” accomplishments following one another in her curriculum vitae. She has just concluded the last of these on the list in her role as manager of the Montreal team in the Professional Women’s Hockey League during its first historic season in frequently packed arenas.

The instinct to win applies as much in sports as it does in business. To lead a team to victory, you must accept challenges and work as a team through adversity. Danielle will be able to link her experience to the challenges facing the maritime industry.