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Heddle Shipyards joins Green Marine

June 25, 2021

Hamilton, Ontario, June 25, 2021 – Heddle Shipyards, operating the largest number of shipyards and drydocks in Canada, is the newest participant in Green Marine – the largest voluntary environmental certification program for North America’s maritime industry.

“We are determined to continue improving our environmental performance and participating in a rigorous and transparent environmental initiative such as Green Marine complements the sustainable development approach we have adopted,” said Dan Cummings Health & Safety, Security & Environmental manager at Heddle Shipyards.

The announced participation by Heddle Shipyards in Green Marine puts it among the first 10 shipyard companies in Canada and the United States to join the environmental program and thereby assess its environmental performance for continual improvement as it expands its safe and timely recycling of aged vessels in a responsible manner.

“We’re so pleased to welcome Heddle Shipyards into the Green Marine program where it can benchmark its progress along with more than 70 other U.S. and Canadian terminals and shipyards,” said David Bolduc, Green Marine’s executive director. “Heddle Shipyards is already conveying its genuine commitment to sustainability through its ship recycling program that ensures vessels are appropriately dismantled at the end of their usage with all materials properly recycled or disposed.”

To complete its certification, Heddle Shipyards will assess its environmental performance based on Green Marine’s applicable indicators, which include greenhouse gases and air pollutants, spill prevention, waste management, community impacts, and environmental leadership. The annual certification process is rigorous and transparent, with the individual performance of each participant independently verified every two years.

About Heddle Shipyards      

In continuous operation since 1987, Heddle Shipyards is the largest Canadian ship repair and construction company on the Great Lakes, strengthening Canada’s marine economy by revitalizing ship repair, ship building and marine fabrication capacity in Canada. Heddle Shipyards fixes and builds ships that are vital to the success of the nation so that Canada can realize the full potential of the Blue Economy Strategy.

With facilities throughout the Great Lakes and East Coast, Heddle Shipyards is on course to be recognized as the most reliable provider of ship repair & maintenance services in Canada and to become a meaningful partner in the construction of new vessels in Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy.

Heddle strives to exceed industry standards for quality, health, safety, environmental stewardship – all of which propel them to enduring relationships with customers, suppliers, partners and their people.

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