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Virtual GreenTech - Webseries - Starting June 2020

May 19, 2020

We understand that COVID-19 is also affecting all of our members. In a effort to relay some of the valued knowledge sharing, networking and discussions at the core of GreenTech, our team developed interactive, video-conference sessions based on aspects of the GreenTech 2020 preliminary program. Three sessions will be offered in June, and three more in September. The virtual environmental conference’s program will be announced soon! Visit this page often to learn all the latest details.


In April, we were very sorry to announce that the pandemic had forced the cancellation of our flagship event, GreenTech 2020, which was set for June 2-4 in Montreal, Quebec.
In looking at the various options, it has been decided that since we already have commitment and signed contracts for GreenTech 2021 to be held in Seattle, GreenTech will return to Montreal in 2022.

While disappointing, this situation is beyond anyone’s control, and Green Marine does not have any choice but to accept it and try to mitigate some of the unavoidable losses due to this cancellation.