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GreenTech 2018: a 5th carbon-neutral certified event for Green Marine

August 15, 2018

The GreenTech 2018 conference held by Green Marine in Vancouver B.C. last May 30 to June 1 received its PLANETAIR certification as a carbon-neutral event. The event itself also reduce its footprint by 15% in terms of tons of CO2 emitted per attendee compared to the previous edition, passing from 0,73 to 0,61 t/attendee.

For the fifth consecutive year, Green Marine purchased high-quality carbon offset credits to neutralize the climate footprint of its annual conference. All factors were taken into account, namely the conference site, accommodations, food, supplies, land, air and ferry transportation for all 254 attendees, paper, etc., for a total of 153.1 tons of CO2 emitted.

Source of emissions kg CO2e
Conference site, accommodations, food, other supplies 12 994
Land transportation 3146
Air transportation 136 555
Boat/ferry transportation 396
Paper 25
t 153,1
t 0,7271

This year’s carbon-offset funds will go towards a reforestation project in Canada. These forestry credits are from the first and only Gold Standard project in Canada.

The project aims at reforesting degraded and unused land in urban and semi-urban areas, as well as upgrading forest ecosystems and creating green spaces in the greater Montreal metropolitan area. It involves the administrative regions of the Laurentians, Lanaudière, and Montérégie.

Plantings help to establish green corridors that favour a gradual return of biodiversity, notably the Kirtland’s Warbler, a bird species on the verge of extinction that reproduces only in young jack pines. The project will also contribute to reduced water runoff and cleaner air.

Thank you to RightShip for sponsoring the carbon offset costs to enable Green Marine to present a carbon neutral 11th annual conference!