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Greener gantry cranes arriving at Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership

October 2, 2018

Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership has ordered 10 environmentally friendly gantry cranes. The electrically operated Liebherr rubber-tired gantry (RTG) cranes generate less noise and air emissions, while allowing MGTP to continue to offer its customers an exceptionally efficient and productive service. Five of the cranes will be deployed at Cast Terminal and the other five at Racine Terminal. The investment follows the successful retrofitting in 2016 of two existing RTGs with a conductor bar system to facilitate their full electric operation.

The 10 new cranes, which will have a safe working load of 40.6 tonnes, will be able to handle six containers plus a truck lane width, whilst stacking one over five high. The addition of an active front-end and LED lighting throughout will reduce electricity consumption.

This new equipment will offer cost savings, environmental benefits and improve overall efficiency. The ERTGs will dramatically reduce noise and extend the equipment life.