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Green Marine welcomes its first Australian ferry participant, Spirit of Tasmania

March 31, 2023

East Devonport, Tasmania – Spirit of Tasmania will be the first Australian ferry operator to benchmark its environmental performance for continual improvement using the Green Marine environmental certification program.

Spirit of Tasmania, operated by TT-Line Company Pty Ltd.), provides both passenger and freight services between mainland Australia and Tasmania aboard the two Spirit of Tasmania ferries.

By enrolling in Green Marine, the ferry operator has committed to implementing best practices that go beyond regulatory requirements, thereby demonstrating its commitment to environmental stewardship.
“We are thrilled to serve as trailblazers in our region to experiment and then share a new tool with our marine industry to achieve greater sustainability,” said Bernard Dwyer, Spirit of Tasmania’s Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director.

David Bolduc, Green Marine’s President, praised Spirit of Tasmania’s decision to join Green Marine and help advance the certification program within the region as a clear illustration of its commitment to greater sustainability and environmental stewardship.

“It’s exciting to have Green Marine further expand its presence within Australia as our program celebrates its 15-year anniversary,” Mr. Bolduc said. “This milestone is a testimony to how our tailormade program for the marine industry is adaptable to all types and sizes of maritime operations and can be exported globally wherever there is a strong commitment from a local participant to improve environmental performance.”

Spirit of Tasmania will perform its first self-evaluation this spring, using the program’s detailed framework to benchmark its 2022 operations. This will serve as a pilot project to adapt Green Marine program’s applicability to a domestic Australian ferry operator and build on the experience of the vessels operated by CSL Australia Ltd., which has been Green Marine certified since 2015.

Spirit of Tasmania will take delivery of two new vessels next year. Their greater capacity and efficiency will further lower the fleet’s environmental footprint in regularly transporting passengers and freight.

“Our current Spirit of Tasmania vessels remain highly regarded on the international ship market, as they fully comply with the International Maritime Organization’s global cap on sulphur emissions and benefit from a rigorous maintenance schedule,” Mr. Dwyer said. “These new vessels will allow for even more sustainable operations on Bass Strait.”

Green Marine was established in 2007 in North America and expanded to Europe in 2020 with the consistent mission of advancing environmental excellence in the maritime industry by encouraging participants to voluntarily implement sustainable best practices and technological innovations beyond regulatory compliance.

“As we expand our presence internationally, we remain committed to holding all of our participants to the same level of rigour and transparency in reporting their progress beyond their region’s environmental regulations,” Bolduc emphasized. “We look forward to working with Spirit of Tasmania and hope other Australian participants soon to further drive positive environmental change in the industry worldwide.”

Spirit of Tasmania overview

Spirit of Tasmania delivers an unparalleled and unique sea transport service across Bass Strait, which separates Victoria, Australia, from the island of Tasmania to the south. The service is built on a reputation for excellence in safety, reliability and exceptional passenger and freight services.

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