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Green Marine welcomes Glosten as a new partner

October 15, 2019

Glosten is a full service naval architecture and marine engineering company with approximately 100 employees. The company’s depth and breadth of experience spans every sector of the marine industry. With every engagement, Glosten delivers both a solid understanding of marine fundamentals and an innovative spirit that has taken its clients to new places for 60 years.

It delivers innovative marine solutions that are rooted in a comprehensive understanding of all things marine. Clients across a wide spectrum trust in Glosten’s capabilities in marine engineering and naval architecture to solve both their most common and most challenging issues. In addition to superior technical aptitude, Glosten always enters into its client relationships with a deep commitment to partnership and a demand for excellence for every project, every time. As the focus of its clients has shifted towards greater sustainability, Glosten has broadened its expertise in areas of efficiency to shepherd its clients towards a greener future. It is helping its clients to answer the call to operate cleaner, quieter, and more efficient vessels with the highest regard for the sea, the sky, and the shoreline. Glosten integrates engineering, design, and operations expertise into practical, environmentally superior solutions.