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Green Marine welcomes a new supporter: Pacific Environment

May 7, 2024

Pacific Environment, a non-profit organization based in San Francisco, empowers communities to protect their well-being and natural world.

By managing to supply pivotal funding and expertise in challenging regions along the Pacific Rim, including the Alaskan Arctic, Russia and China, the organization helps to protect the environment in these more remote places. It also promotes governing transparency, public participation and legal enforcements for healthier communities and environments.

Pacific Environment among very few organizations providing grants and training for grassroots leadership along the Pacific Rim. Its long-term commitment to community-led environmental activism involves a comprehensive support program that includes financial assistance, mentoring support, coordinated networks, as well as scientific, technical and/or legal expertise as required.

More than 150 grassroots organizations have received support in the millions of dollars from Pacific Environment. They have in turn carried out public education litigation, media outreach, large-scale advocacy campaigns, and sophisticated policy work.

Pacific Environment’s substantial expertise in global policy has earned it one of the few seats available to NGOs at the International Maritime Organization (IMO). It uses its seat to advocate for rules that protect marine mammals, ensure Indigenous food security, curb greenhouse gas emissions, and protect Arctic waters from the dangers of oil spills.