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Green Marine releases its 2018 program criteria

February 20, 2018

Quebec City, February 20, 2018 – Green Marine has just released its 2018 performance indicator criteria for North American ship owners, port authorities, terminal operators and shipyard managers. In keeping with its commitment to continual improvement, Green Marine annually reviews, strengthens and expands its environmental certification program criteria.

Summaries of Green Marine’s environmental program for 2018 are now available on line. The 2018 criteria introduce several changes, including:

  • Expansion of the sulphur oxide and particulate matter emissions (SOx & PM) performance indicator at Levels 3, 4, and 5 to better reflect Green Marine’s expanding membership of American domestic ship owners;
  • Recognition of LNG and other exemplary technologies at Level 5 in PM reduction;
  • Increase in the overall level of difficulty for the dry bulk handling and storage performance indicator for ports and terminals.

Other criteria related to aquatic invasive species and greenhouse gases have also been strengthened. Green Marine participants – ship owners, port authorities, terminal operators and shipyard managers – will use the criteria at this time next year to assess the 2018 performance of their operations.

“The program is reviewed and adjusted every year to reflect new regulations and keep up with technological innovation,” says David Bolduc, Green Marine’s executive director. “A collaborative approach is a core tenet of this annual reassessment, with all criteria reviewed and approved by our advisory committees composed of representatives from the industry, environmental organizations, scientific programs, and government agencies.”

Green Marine participants are currently assessing their environmental performance for 2017, Green Marine’s 10th year of evaluations. The 2017 self-evaluation guides are also posted on line. They help participants to benchmark their environmental performance against Green Marine’s criteria for 12 distinct performance indicators – some applicable to ports, terminals, and shipyards, and others to ship owners. Results will be released at the end of May at GreenTech 2018, Green Marine’s annual conference.

Download the PDF version of the news release.