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Green Marine magazine: a conscientious media to showcase your colours

September 28, 2023


Green Marine Magazine is a must-read to stay up to date with Green Marine’s progress and the maritime industry’s environmental initiatives –particularly those being undertaken by the program’s members. Last year, our 24th edition transitioned to a fully digital format. The magazine now reaches nearly 4,600 subscribers, a loyal and engaged audience! You can also access it online through the Green Marine website.

Among the topics featured in the fall issue:

  • Sustainability’s lure in today’s job market
  • A closer look at the updated verification process
  • COSBC prioritizes harmonious uses as it turns 100!
  • Green Marine Europe: the drive behind CMA-CGM’s enviro-commitment

📅 Ad Confirmation Deadline for the next issue: November 10, 2023.

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